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    作者:佚名 | 来源:中学生读书网 | 阅读:2139 | 时间:2016/06/09

    八年级英语上册期末复习资料<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    1. health健康(名), healthy健康的(形),   healthily健康地(副)

      Drinking milk is good for our health.

      A healthy lifestyle can help us keep healthy.

      I am going to eat healthily this year.

    2. may,(情动)   maybe(副),

      may be(谓动)  可能

      He may know the answer. = Maybe he knows the answer.

      He may be at home. = Maybe he is at home.

    3. be good for  对…有利,

      be good at   擅长于,

      be good with 与某人相处好,

      be good to   对某人友好

    4. think(认为) /hear (听说) /because(因为)+从句

      think of /hear of / because of+名词

    5. forget/remember to do sth


      forget/remember doing sth


    6. stop to do sth 停下来去做某事

      stop doing sth停止做某事

    7. take, spend, pay, cost花费


      It took me 100 yuan to buy this coat.(it作主语)

      I spent 100 yuan on/buying this coat.(人作主语)

      I paid 100 yuan for this coat.(人作主语

      This coat cost me 100 yuan.(物体作主语)

    8. sometime某时, some time一段时间,         soemtimes有时,   some times几次

    9. few(几乎没有), a few(一些)+复数名词

      little(几乎没有), a little(一点儿)+不可数名词

    10. a (large) number of(许多) a small number of(少量的), the number of …的数量

      A number of students are in the classroom.


      The number of the students in the classroom is 30. 教室里学生的数量是30.

    11. both(…and)(两者)都    all (多者)都 

     the other(两者中的)另一个another(多者中的)另一个    between(…and) (两者)之间 among (多者)之间

    neither(两者)都不        none(多者)都不

    12.  赢: win+比赛/奖 beat+某人/某团体  

    13. 参加:join+某人/组织  take part in+活动

    14. in the south of, to the south of, on the south of  在…的南方

    <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Hainan is in the south of China.(海南在中国范围之内)

    Hainan is to the south on Hubei.(海南在湖北范围之外,且不接壤)

    Hunan is on the south of Hebei.(湖南在湖北范围之外, 但接壤)

    15. 太多: too much+不可数名词, too many+复数名词;  太: much too+形容词或副词

    16. too, also, either, so  也

       I like English, too. =I also like English.

       I don't like English, either.

       You like English, so do I.(你喜欢英语,我也喜欢.)

    17. so, such   如此

       She is so clever that everyone likes her. = She is such a clever girl that everyone likes her. 她如此聪明,每个人都喜欢她.

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